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Since Sears is so taken on me working just 4 hours a week, on closing shifts, despite the fact I’ve told them about three times that It’s dangerous for me to walk from Sears to the trolley station (I reach the trolley station at around 11:30 and sometimes I have to wait there alone, or with -could-be-dangerous company for 30 minutes for the trolley to arrive. My grandma has to go to the border and pick me up, at 12 a/m, When she should be resting, also the fact that she doesn’t see very well is also concerning….)

I am going to set up a paypal account soon! 
So if anyone is interested in me drawing something for them. please let me know! 
 from 5$ to 20 $ depending on what you want. :) If the price is too high for you we can work out one that seems more fitting!

please help me spread this around, I am currently looking for another job, so hopefully I will find something better SOON,
but if anyone is interested in helping out, I’d greatly appreciate it! 

Thank you guys for reblogging this! 
If anyone is interested just message me, fan mails are fine, too! ^_^



Scene Queens: Where Are They Now?

Episode One

i didn’t know just how badly i needed to see this

(via ibleachednirvana)

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